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Wine Not?

Life’s too short to drink bad wine. That’s why we’re partnering with VINEBOX, a unique brand of subscription boxes that aims to connect consumers with luxurious wines from all over the world. At VINEBOX, they know that the people and stories behind the wine is what truly makes it great, which is why their passion is to combine the old world charm of the wine industry with the convenience of door to door shipping. So, you can tour your way around the tastes of Tuscany without having to leave your living room! From Bordeaux’s to Pinot Grigio’s, VINEBOX specifically tailor’s your wine subscription to your taste! You won’t find these brands at any of your local stores either, which makes the experience even more exciting!

Of 11,358 wines that they’ve tasted, only 1% has made the cut to make the box (talk about exclusivity). With their closed-nitrogen technology, the wines are ensured to maintain all of their delicious qualities, so what you taste is the real deal. Once sealed, the wines are good for up to three years, but let’s be honest, they’ll be gone way before then.

When you visit their site, VINEBOX offers a short, fun quiz to help their experts get a sense of the kind of wine you enjoy. Then, you choose the length of your subscription, either one month, three months, or 1 year. Each box comes with three tasty samples, equivalent to 3 glasses of wine (you can double your order and get six glasses of wine per box), and if you find something you love, VINEBOX recommends full-size bottles for you to keep the party going!

For anyone in your life that appreciates a good vino, this is the perfect gift! Stop by Pop Box and check out VINEBOX for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

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