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What’s your scene? Events for entrepreneurs, couch potatoes, and game junkies!

Escape the Family for a Bit with our Music and Games Night by Night In Box

For those of you who, like me, prefer a night in over a night out, Night In Boxes supplies you with all that you need for an enjoyable night at home.

Why come to our awesome Music and Games night?

No more having to listen to your grandma’s Josh Groban CD over and over….and over. We’ll have live music by Phillip-Michael Scales for you to enjoy.

You know how mom was giving you the stink-eye for having a drink at the family dinner table (even though you’re of age and HOLY CRAP MOM, IT’S JUST ONE DRINK!)? You can forget about the family judgement and bring any beer you’d like to this BYOB event (we’ll even provide the pizza if you’re SO over those turkey day leftovers).

Still bruised from last year’s game of touch-football with your cousins? Damn, how did little Johnny grow that much in just one year?! Come and enjoy some more relaxing fun with our games like Giant Jenga, Pictionary, and Pin the Tail. No padding required.

Be sure to see all of the details for this event and RSVP now.



Burrow Chair - Build it to Win it

Burrow was created by a group who believes that no matter your lounging style, you should have a couch that accommodates YOU.

If you build furniture for fun and go to IKEA for more than just the meatballs, then strap on your Olympic gear and get ready for a competition you’ll love…seat!

Burrow is hosting a Build-it-to-Win-it because nothing says “quiet night on the couch” like “fast-paced competition,” amirite?

But wait, how are you supposed to build an ENTIRE COUCH at one event?! Burrow is guessing that it will take you about 6 minutes. With their easily customizable couches, they want you to see just how easy it is to make your own Burrow couch. After all, if your morning coffee can be customized in 10 different ways, why not your couch? And if you can build it the fastest, you get to take it home

You can see all of the details about this event, RSVP, and try for the title of Master Couch Potato here.


Tasty Sips and Networking Tips by Deskpass

Boost your networking game

Deskpass is dedicated to creating common workspaces all over the country where you can get out of the house and get stuff done.

Are you good with the “social,” not so much with the “networking”? Do you think Charisma is just a cool name and not a networking skill? Do you have an easier time connecting to strangers on the internet than relating to people in a professional setting and making meaningful connections? PopBox and Deskpass are here to help with all of your networking needs.

Learn tricks and tips to improve your networking game so you can go from a no-getter to a go-getter! Not only will we teach you the skills to be a charismatic professional-connection-making machine, but we’ll give you the opportunity to put them to the test in a quick networking session after the event. And did we mention that there will be drinks?! That’s right, come and get your booze on while you get your schmooze on!

Check out all of the details for this event and RSVP here.


No matter how you’d prefer to spend your night, PopBox has something for everyone. So “pop” on by!

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