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What’s Your Pop Box Personality?

Subscription boxes are front and center this year at Pop Box. With so many options to choose from, how will you decide which one or two…or three to go with!

We’ve broken down which boxes you might be best suited for based on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Myers-Briggs, for all readers unfamiliar, is a personality test based on four different matrices: extroversion/introversion, intuition/sensing, feeling/thinking, and judging/perception. If you’re not sure which one you are, find out first!

PupJoy Logo

INFP: PupJoy
For those INFP’s who would prefer the company and lovin’ of dogs rather than people, we have the PupJoy subscription box. Offering your furry friend different toys and treats, you may enjoy the box contents just as much as Sparky.

The RunnerBox Logo

ENTP: The Runnerbox
If you’re an ENTP who enjoys the active life, you’ll love the constant surprise that is The Runnerbox. You’ll have plenty of fuel to get out there and get moving with your buds, no matter your workout style.

DeskPass Logo

ESTP: DeskPass
DeskPass was made for ESTP’s. A nice, public workspace, each one unique and surprising. Perfect for those people who just need to get out and be near people to be motivated and get work done.

Burgundy Fox

ENFP: Burgundy Fox
Spicy ENFPs will love the fun things that come in the Burgundy Fox subscription box. The only thing more fun than getting new panties in the mail every month is getting the chance to show them off *wink wink*

MOUTH logo

Anyone who likes eating and drinking will love MOUTH. Whether you just want to curl up at home with some bourbon, or you want to let your extrovert out and entertain, the MOUTH subscription box will help you enjoy whatever weekend plans you might have.

Grandbox Logo

ENFJ: GrandBox
Send a GrandBox to your favorite ENFJ grandma. She’ll feel so touched that you thought of her and love showing off pictures of you and your family to her knitting circle.

Cooper & Kid Logo

INTP: Cooper & Kid
The Cooper & Kid box is great for any fathers out there who like to tinker and create with their kids. Perfect for those INTP inventors who feel their best when they’re building. But you won’t just be creating things you’ll be creating memories. Was that too cheesy…?

Emma & Chloe Logo

ESTJ: Emma & Chloe
ESTJ’s will appreciate the fact that while subscription boxes offer some surprises, they can still take some control with the Emma & Chloe box by choosing the kind of metal they want their jewelry to be. But no matter what you choose, you’ll have something beautiful to show off when you go out with your friends.

Moustache Coffee Club Logo

ISFP: Moustache Coffee Club
Let’s be honest, ordering a long, complicated drink at Starbucks can be terrifying. But you know what you like! Why leave the house and risk getting a bad coffee when you can get good coffee delivered to your door and make exactly what you want at home?

Home Chef Logo

ISFJ: Home Chef
Home Chef is ideal for those ISFJ’s with order anxiety. No expectant waiter staring at you…like seriously, please stop staring…OH GOD, WHAT DO I LIKE, AGAIN?! You choose recipes created by Home Chef, and they send you the ingredients so you can be your own professional chef.


Whether you want a quiet night at home or to invite all of your friends to an impromptu wine tasting, an ESFP will love the unpredictable surprises the VINEBOX has to offer.

Burrow Logo

INFJ: Burrow
For those INFJ’s that spend so much time on their couches that they need it to feel just right. Burrow can offer you the perfect couch. With customizable pieces, Burrow can help you take control of your own comfort.

Oars + Alps Logo

ISTP: Oars & Alps
For those ISTP’s who wish they had the mountains at their fingertips, the Oars and Alps subscription box is the perfect solution. With their all natural ingredients, you can make your skin look flawless before going out (even when you’d rather be at home).

Bear & Bud Book Club Logo

INTJ: Bear & Bud Book Club
Buy the Bear & Bud subscription box for your little INTJ of any age. They’ll appreciate how the different books allow them to expand their minds and explore different themes.


For those ESFJ’s who love nothing better than working out and doing CrossFit, there’s WODBOM. WODBOM supplies you with the fuel and supplies you need to have an exciting Workout of the Day.

Mystery Tackle Box Logo

ISTJ: Mystery Tackle Box
For an ISTJ who only needs the company of a boat and a fishing rod, Mystery Tackle Box would be the box for you. You can get everything you might need for your solo fishing trips without leaving the house — and you can even choose which fish(es) you’re aiming to catch!

Ready to check out these boxes in person? Visit us at 1024 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 60614.

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