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Small Business Saturday

Nov 25 – Small Business Saturday: the warmest shopping day of the season


Small Business Saturday is a the new feel-good holiday shopping tradition (it’s been around since 2010). Its goals are to direct the focus to the small businesses that make each of our neighborhoods so rich and unique.

Small businesses offer that delight, discovery and inspiration required for finding that unique and oh-so-perfect gift. Small businesses are where that’s at.

small business illinois

Small businesses are the heartbeat of the nation and the neighborhood. Did you know that, just in Illinois (Pop Box’s home state), the 1.2 million small businesses make up 99.60% of ALL businesses?

That’s the definition of economic impact right there.

Need more reasons to love #shopsmall?

  • Small businesses are essential to turn neighborhoods into vibrant communities.
  • They give the neighborhood its unique flair and character
  • Because they don’t have the type of funding that Big Business has, they are more creative, resourceful and respond more nimbly to what their customers want and need.
  • They are an important economic driver, creating jobs and pumping the tax base.
  • They are labors of love and creativity. Small businesses owners pour their heart and soul into their businesses. They care. They are invested in its success.
  • They know how to bring the community together and are active participants and proud ambassadors. They chose to be there.



Encourage your favorite small businesses all year long, but let’s all make a special effort on Saturday November 25,  so that they stay around. We need them. They need us.

We are them.

Hurry. Click here to shop the inspiring and innovative small businesses that are showcasing at Pop Box until December 24.

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