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Puppy Love

Let’s face it: dogs aren’t just pets, they’re members of the family, and shopping for your furry friend can be challenging. With every dog having unique needs and personalities, it can be hard to find products that not only please your pup but are also good for their health. That’s why our canine-loving team at Pop Box is bringing PupJoy to our store!

Founded by Dog dad’s Dustin and Bill, PupJoy wanted to change the game and help owners get the best of the best for their pets, without the hassle of having to do hours of research. They work directly with independent manufacturers, which allows them to offer goods at a much lower price than most retailers (Score). On their site, you can even specify the needs of your pooch and personalize your box to ensure that it’s a perfect fit! Their plans are also incredibly flexible, allowing you to change it at any time with zero fees attached.

Not only do they bring happiness to their subscribers, but PupJoy also donates $2 of every purchase to the BISSEL Pet Foundation: an organization dedicated to helping shelter and rescue animals find their forever homes. You can give back to the special pup in your life while also supporting a great cause, and what isn’t better than that?

For dogs and their humans, this gift is sure to be a treat! Stop by Pop Box to see this fantastic brand in action!

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