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At Pop Box, we’re tired of stores only catering to one body type, which is why we’re partnering with Burgundy Fox: a beautifully thoughtful company that works to empower women of all shapes and sizes by offering stylish, intimate apparel. Their co-founders, Leslie and Alex, saw the flaws in today’s shopping world and were determined to make a difference. Their passion is allowing women to not only feel comfortable in their own skin, but to celebrate their uniqueness, and that’s definitely something we can get behind! Not only do they work to instill confidence in their customers, but Burgundy Fox also donates 5% of every purchase to Dress for Success and Movemeant Foundation, which are non-profits that also work to empower women and girls! How awesome is that?

On their site, you first take a style profile, so their clothing experts can get a sense of your unique personality. Then, you chose from three different subscription box options: underwear, lingerie, or special occasions! For their underwear box, you’ll receive five different pairs based on your choice of style, like thongs or hipsters, and color. For the lingerie box, you’re given one lingerie set and a surprise gift (who doesn’t love surprises?) that varies from scented lotions to nail polish. And last but not least, for their special occasions box, you choose from a variety of events, from birthdays to bachelorettes, and answer a short questionnaire so their experts can best assemble a box for that special woman (or yourself)!

A subscription box from Burgundy Fox is sure to be a favorite for any ladies in your life, so swing in to Pop Box and see why this company is a great fit!

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