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Still going to the grocery store? What year is this, 2009?

Still going to the grocery store to buy your food like your ancient ancestors? If you’re like me and find the grocery shopping experience downright unbearable, there’s a better way.

You don’t have to see anyone you don’t want to see.

Guess who isn’t in your house? Your old high school crush. The cashier who refuses to let you go without 10 minutes of conversation. Your nosy neighbor. (At least, I hope they’re not in your house….) You always run the risk of seeing people you know at the grocery store and maybe even making *gasp* conversation! I think it’s best not to risk it, don’t you?

No more buying way more than you need.

Doesn’t everyone have that cabinet full of unused spices and oils? You really needed that container of bay leaves for a recipe that one time…and now the container is only taking up space. Home Chef sends you only the little bit you need for each recipe, which not only saves you *space*, but also saves you *money*.

You don’t have to put on pants!

This is probably my favorite reason, as pants are the devil. Does anyone actually want to continue wearing pants after a long day of adulting? When you’re in the comfort of your own home (and not seeing anyone else), you don’t have to wear appropriate clothing. You can order your food without even getting dressed. And *that* is why we call America the home of the free.

No temptation to impulse shop and buy extra things.

My mom always says to never go to the grocery store hungry and that’s because you run the risk of buying everything that looks remotely good. Oreos have definitely mysteriously appeared in my cart on more than one occasion. With Home Chef, you’re choosing pre-set meals, and since you’re ordering in advance, you can order your next few meals when you’re not at all hungry and not at all tempted by literally everything in the bakery…

New and exciting recipes!

Do you walk around the grocery store like a zombie, buying the same ingredients for the same meals over and over? You keep saying that you’ll look up new recipes online…someday…maybe. But it’s so much work to look up new things, THEN find new ingredients in the grocery store, THEN put them together and cook them. Seriously, am I superman?! Instead, you can cut out the middleman and just have the kind people at Home Chef come up with the recipes and do the shopping for you.

Home Chef is actually CHEAPER than grocery shopping.

Considering the fact that Home Chef only sends you exactly what you need for your meals and allows you to keep from buying expensive spices in bulk, it should be no surprise that using Home Chef can actually save you money. Plus, with all of the money that you’re not spending on impulse Oreos, you could maybe buy a yacht…or a jet plane…or a hot tub…


So now that you’re all set up with your lack of pants and your computer, all you need to do is choose your ambiance. You know what that means? You don’t even have to listen to that cheesy grocery store muzak! And there’s no pesky grocery store workers to judge you for dancing.

Home Chef: better for your wallet and your psyche…and did I mention that you don’t have to put on pants?

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