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Grand Gifts For Gram and Gramps

There’s no question about it: grandparents are the best. But, shopping for the special seniors in your life can be a challenge (especially if they don’t live close by). That’s where Grandbox comes in. Since 2014, this innovative company has been shipping fun, unique packages to grams and gramps all over! We love the idea of a company that is not only geared to seniors, but that also helps keep families connected in a sweet, sentimental way, which is why we’re bringing them to Pop Box!

Geared for those 65 and older, these boxes include five full-size items that go with the current theme of the package (which changes monthly, so the possibilities are endless!). Their expert’s curate products that they know seniors will enjoy and appreciate and the package’s thoughtful presentation is guaranteed to put a smile on the receiver’s face! And if that isn’t cool enough, you can also personalize the box by adding family photos and little messages to make the package even more special!

For any occasion/holiday or just to brighten grandma and grandpa’s day, a subscription box from Grand Box is the perfect gift to show how much you care! Pop into Pop Box and discover what’s so grand about this sweet little company!

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