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Cooper and Kid

For The Modern Dad

In today’s society, Dad’s are more involved than ever, and Cooper & Kid is determined to harness this by creating a product that caters to the modern Dad. Inspired by her years in Africa, Nichole Smaglick, the founder of Cooper & Kid, wanted to help father’s in America adopt the same nurturing and active roles that she witnessed within these remote African villages. And so, Cooper & Kid was born.

Emphasizing education through discovery, hands-on building, and self-expression, The Cooper Kit is sure to be something that keeps both Dads and kids alike happy and busy! (There are about 6-9 activities per package, so the fun is sure to span a few days!)  

After signing up on their website, you’ll receive a package every three months that’s filled with 6-9 curated products for Dad’s and their kids to enjoy together. Also, each box comes with an illustrated guide booklet, a bedtime storybook, creative projects to build and explore, an activity centered on character building or life skills, an online resource with even more activities to enjoy, links to sites just for Dad, and a themed dinner menu with recipes! Furthermore, the delivery box turns into a themed project! Good luck being the favorite now, mom! This gift is ideal for any Dad looking to have engaging and rewarding experiences with his kids.

Stop wasting time, and start building memories! Come to Pop Box and experience Cooper & Kid in person!

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