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For The Aspiring Bookworms

Never underestimate the power of a good book. Even for children, they can be a magical experience, but sometimes it can be hard to get kids excited about reading. But fear no more, Bear & Bud is here to help! We’re partnering with this kid-friendly, parent-approved company to help them spread the love of books to young minds everywhere!

Wanting to keep her daughter’s enthusiasm for reading alive during the long summer months, Bear & Bud founder Karen quickly realized something: the best way to help her daughter, and other kids, connect to books would be to make the act of reading a socially engaging and creative activity. And so, Bear & Bud was born.

Each box comes with a book, an activity guide, and supplies for two book-related crafts that help keep the reader interested and invested! The boxes also come in varying reading levels, from Picture Books to Growing Readers to Tweens so that you can find a package for just about any young kid! On their site, you can even connect with the Bear & Bud community to join events near you or keep updated with new tips and ideas!

This would make a perfect gift for any of the aspiring bookworms in your life! Come into Pop Box and help spread the love of reading!

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