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The RunnerBox

Fitness Bliss

With new endurance gear and nutrition products coming out on the daily, it’s hard to keep track of what’s good and what isn’t. Now you can spend more time getting your exercise on and less time reading labels and reviews with The Runnerbox!

Created in 2013 by an elite runner, this bi-monthly box is the first of its kind. Their team of dedicated athletes, ranging from professional to recreational, search out and test everything the endurance world has to offer, so you don’t have to. Based on their findings, they then curate a box of gear and nutrition products that are best suited to fuel your body and your fitness needs. With packages starting as low as $20, you can get a head start on your beach bod without breaking the bank! That’s what we call a steal.

On their site, you can choose from three box options: The Runnerbox, The Tribox, and The Cyclebox, which each cater to a specific endurance sport and include 10-12 hand-picked and tested items that change with each new delivery, but are all equally as awesome! The Runnerbox is sure to be a hit for all those exercise enthusiasts in your life!

So, visit Pop Box and find your fitness bliss with The Runnerbox!

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