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What is Pop Box?

Pop Box partners with online-only brands to present shoppers with exciting new products they might never have come across otherwise — even online. Every quarter, these brands rotate and are replaced with a new theme, or installation.

Where is Pop Box located?

The first Pop Box is located at 1024 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL.

How does it work?

Pop Box will feature traditionally online-only brands to give customers a chance to come in and see, touch, and feel the products. Pop Box works closely with brands to make sure they have the best deal available anywhere to give customers a chance to purchase right in-store and get a great deal.

What’s the store experience like?

The store will be fully staffed with helpful & personable Brand Ambassadors who are specially trained to be knowledgeable and always on hand to demonstrate or explain a product or customers.

How do I order a box in the store?

Pop Box has POS tablets available for customers to check themselves out on, or work with a trained Brand Ambassador to walk through the checkout process with you. Some products are available for customers to walk out with that same day, others ship to their homes or to the gift recipients home.