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Dec 17 – Become a Superhero Hologram

Bring your kids to a fun-filled event on Sunday, December 17 at Pop Box.  We will be making your kids into superhero holograms with the use of your cell phone and a hologram projector provided by Cooper and Kid.

Who: Kids Ages 3-13
When: Sunday, December 17, 2017 @ 11:00 am
Where: Pop Box – 1024 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago






About Cooper and Kid:

Cooper And Kid is THE subscription box for DADS. Every three months, get a cool box of activities for dads with kids ages 5 – 9. Get this “instant-dad-is-awesome box” and create memories your kids will never forget.

Fathers want to spend time with their kids doing the kinds of imaginative, inventive things that shape their character and relationship. Things they won’t ever forget. So, get them the Cooper Kit this Holiday Season.

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