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A Cure for Worker Woes

Your “home office” in the kitchen just isn’t gonna cut it anymore. And neither is your table at that overcrowded and overpriced cafe. Worker bees of Chicago, meet your new best friend, Deskpass: a company looking to connect people to a vast network of one of a kind workspaces. With currently 135 locations, you’re able to browse available desks and reserve a spot based on your needs, like location for example. Say you want to do some work before a big meeting and need a space close to where it’s at to do so; no problem, Deskpass has got you covered! Or say you need a change of scenery to boost your inspiration; boom, Deskpass is there to help.

Not only are their spaces fun and inspiring to be in, but they also offer free wi-fi and coffee (and some places even offer treats throughout the day). Their program is also super affordable and flexible, with no long time commitment locking you down.  For 49$ a month with the mini package, you can visit four spaces, with the Part-time package for $99 a month you’ll be able to visit 8, or with the Full-time subscription for $199 month, you can visit up to 20!  

From freelancers to creative types, to at home workers and office employees just looking for a change of scenery, a membership to Deskpass would make the perfect gift! Come on down to Pop Box to check this revolutionary company out and get your workflow movin’!

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