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An Ode to Pop Box

First we’re going to set the scene — you finish your Home Chef dinner and decide to relax by the fire…

With a glass of VINEBOX wine, to your Burrow couch you retire….

You decide to read some poetry, pull a book off of the shelf

You find An Ode to PopBox and start reading to yourself…


P is for the PupJoy box that makes your dog’s tail wag

O is for the Oh my’s! You get when sporting Emma & Chloe swag

P is for the pot of Joe that your Moustache Coffee makes

B is for Bear & Bud, with books kids like better than chocolate cake

O is for Oars + Alps making your skin glow using Alpine Caribou Moss™

X is for the xylophone you might create with your Cooper & Kid box


You realize that the poem is right, subscription boxes are the best,

Whether you like to get the MOUTH box and host or Night In Boxes to stay home and rest.

Even if you’re active and WODBOM or The Runnerbox is your thing,

Or if it’s your Burgundy Fox panties that make you want to sing.


So what are you waiting for? Find your perfect box today…

Just use shoppopbox.com and your first one can be on its way.

Once you choose your ideal subscription, I think you know what comes next…

(And yes, I am impressed that I found something for the letter X.)

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