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Amp Up Your Fitness Game

Looking to spruce up your daily workout? Wodbom is here to help. This fitness driven company was started by a husband and wife team who wanted to turn their love of CrossFit into something more significant. With athlete’s satisfaction at the forefront of their goals, this power couple created a subscription box company that supplies its customers with a unique, hand-selected range of fitness gear that is sure to get your blood pumping! There’s nothing we love more at Pop Box than companies built from passion, which is why we’re bringing Wodbom to our store!

On their site, sign up is quick and easy (if only working out could be that simple). After choosing the length of your subscription, you’ll have a box of fitness goodies on your doorstep in no time! Talk about fast results! Wodbom also wants its customers to experience its gear to the fullest, so each box is filled with 6-7 full-size fitness products, anything from apparel to snacks, which allow you to decide for yourself whether the gear works for you!

A box from Wodbom would make an ideal gift for anyone, from novices to pro-athletes, looking to heighten their exercise routine! So, come on down to Pop Box and check out the Wodbom box. We’re sure this box will help you dominate your next workout!

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