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About Us

Pop Box is a permanent pop-up shop that rotates installations every quarter. The first Pop Box will run from October 30th - December 24th, 2017 and will be the first store to exclusively feature subscription box companies.

Who we are

Pop Box partners with online brands to present shoppers with exciting new products they might never have come across otherwise — even online. Every quarter, a new lifestyle theme – or installation as we call it – is introduced along with an offering of exciting new brands that will bring the theme to life.

The very first Pop Box installation transforms the store into a completely unique and unexpected gift shop: the first and only store to exclusively feature subscription box companies. For the 2017 holiday shopping season, we are showcasing amazing brands like Home Chef, Cooper & Kid, The Runnerbox, PupJoy, MOUTH, VINEBOX, and more. It’s an opportunity for shoppers to see and experience these brands “in person”.

Pop Box focuses on partnering with the best-in-breed of each category for every installation. Because of this, each participating brand maintains category exclusivity.

The store is fully staffed with helpful and enthusiastic brand ambassadors who are specially trained to be knowledgeable and always available to demonstrate or explain a product to customers.

Throughout the installation, a calendar of on-premise activities and events offers customers new and fun reasons to visit and revisit the store. These events are designed be informational, entertaining and to immerse shoppers in the brand(s) experience.

While Pop Box itself is permanent, the pop up installations disappear quickly! The short-term nature of the pop-up shops help create a sense of excitement and urgency, while the unique merchandise selection promotes sense of discovery and delight.

Come visit and experience Pop Box at our primary location, 1024 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL.

Our team

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Anne-Marie Kovacs


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Sheri Paleka Walker


Naomi Haden


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Randy Jensen


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Cedric Kovacs-Johnson

Design Lead

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Ellie Conrad


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Marina Christos


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Clarissa Chevalier